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This list includes the Top History Podcasts of 2021

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Stuff You Missed in History Class
Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by iHeartRadio.

Hardcore History
How did a multi-hour long show that consists of nothing more than a host talking about history ever become wildly popular? It’s got something to do with Dan Carlin.

He’s been called the king of long-form podcasting and “one of the greatest storytellers in the world”. His distinctive voice and style is one of the most instantly recognizable in the medium and with hundreds of millions of downloads, his shows are some of the most listened to podcasts of all time.

Carlin’s work weaves historical information with deep questions and Twilight Zone-style twists to help illustrate the power and continuing relevance of the past. Drama, extremes, empathy and vivid examples of both the highs and lows of humanity dominate the narrative. It’s a trademark mix of elements that has been entertaining listeners since 2005.

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Ben Franklin's World
A podcast for people who love history and want to know more about the early American past.

The past is never past. Every headline has a history. Join us every week as we go back in time to understand the present. These are stories you can feel and sounds you can see from the moments that shaped our world.

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Stuff You Should Know
If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks

then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

The History Chicks
First off: This isn’t History 101 and there is no test.

Secondly, our goal is to introduce you to female characters in history, factual or fictional via our podcast and shownotes. An introduction, an overview and a little push to explore and learn more on your own.

The shownotes will give you a short look at the life of the person that we are discussing- basic facts and links to other sources to learn more. The podcast episodes will go into greater detail as we chat about the challenges, failures and successes, times, and all the juicy bits that we find interesting about the life of our subject. Sometimes, as opportunities present themselves, we will add Special Features here on our website that relate to the person that we are spotlighting.

Tuck away a couple of facts to throw out at dinner parties! Dazzle your kids when they are learning history in school! Dive headfirst into the subcultures that exist for just about anyone! Redecorate a room in homage! Plan a vacation around a women that existed long before you but, for some reason, you relate to. How you use the resources that we provide is entirely up to you.

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Revisionist History
Welcome to Revisionist History, a podcast from Malcolm Gladwell and Pushkin Industries. Each week for 10 weeks, Revisionist History will go back and reinterpret something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.

You're Wrong About
Mike and Sarah are journalists obsessed with the past. Every week they reconsider an event, person or phenomenon that’s been miscast in the public imagination.

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Tides of History
Everywhere around us are echoes of the past.
Those echoes define the boundaries of states and countries, how we pray and how we fight. They determine what money we spend and and how we earn it at work, what language we speak and how we raise our children. From Wondery, host Patrick Wyman, PhD (“Fall Of Rome”) helps us understand our world and how it got to be the way it is.

The Food that Built America
For generations of Americans, food entrepreneurs like James Kraft, Milton Hershey, the Swanson family, and the McDonald brothers have literally been household names, but you don’t know their stories. Before they were brands, they were brilliant, sometimes ruthless visionaries who revolutionized food and changed the landscape of America forever. This series turns the lens on an iconic selection of bold pioneers behind such iconic foods as Oreo, Cheetos, pizza, and more.

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