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Published 07.26.21

Written By: John Badger

Charlie undergoes clinical testing to help pay the bills, but goes home with some unexpected results that lead to him joining the Super Team to fight crime.

Written By: John Badger

Published 06.28.21

Threatened by the prohibition in the 1920's, Neil and his associates have to get their illegal distribution in order.

Published 04.26.21

Written By: John Badger & Georgina Walkington

In the early 1900s, Catherine meets her Beau George in the Big City. Their relationship takes a toll as they learn more about each other.

Written By: John Badger

Published 03.29.21

On her internship, Taylor learns of the unconventional scientific methods of her new mentor, Dr. Elias.

Published 02.22.21

Written By: Georgina Walkington

Elected to mission an expedition around an unknown planet, the crew in the SC Observer find themselves unable to trust one another, as crew members start disappearing.

Written By: John Badger

Published 01.25.21

Follow First Mate Blankley as he navigates his way up the ranks aboard a Colonial Privateer, fighting against the English in the Revolutionary War, and beyond.

Published 12.28.20

Written By: John Badger

Amber visits Colorado on a skiing trip, via Denver International Airport. Little does she know anything about the conspiracy theories surrounding it, or why she should.

Written By: John Badger

Published 11.30.20

Seen through the eyes of the individual soldiers, Santa and Krampess lead their forces in the war to reclaim the month of December.

Written By: John Badger

Published 10.26.20

As the role players are wrapping up, a strange turn of events keeps them tethered to their game. For better, or for worse.

Written By: John Badger

Published 09.28.20

America's Favorite Investigator and the Gang Witness a Disaster at the Circus, and Suspect Foul Play.

Written By: John Badger

Most Precious Girl

Published 08.20.20

Gabriel and Bethany had a baby. Now, they have to care for it too.

Written By: John Badger

Published 05.31.21

Prospective students tour the well-kept secret, Adventure Academy: Training grounds for adventures. Following students on a quest to prove their mettle as they attempt to determine their mission.

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