John Badger

As a kid, John S. Badger was always doing something with entertainment. From monopolizing a CB Radio channel to making pseudo FM Radio, and AM Radio cassette tapes, to even making lip-sync'd music videos. Now living in the Blue Ridge Mountains, John took up voice acting in the pursuit of making a fiction podcast. John has found a passion for the entire process of producing Mercury Theatre Podcast. John also freelances as an editor for various podcasts.

John is now the producer, writer, and performs minor vocal roles in the podcast episodes. John writes a needless blog on the Journal page, which gives more insight into the day-to-day of podcasting. You can find his personal Twitter account at @JohnSBadger.

Davi Crimmins

Davi Crimmins is an Atlanta-based actor, writer, comedian, & podcaster. She began her craft in theatre productions but soon fell in love with film. Wanting to stay near the stage, she began hosting vaudeville/burlesque shows to develop her skills in stand up comedy. She became cohost of a syndicated morning radio talk show while perfecting her commercial radio VO reads. Now she’s headlining comedy tours, hosting her podcast Davi The ScapeG.O.A.T., & lending her unique voice to fun projects all over the nation; Cartoon Network, ABC7 News WBBH, 99X, You42, Daws Brother Productions, & now Mercury Theatre Podcast!   

Follow Davi:
Instagram: davicrimmins

Episode: Name-Dropping

Derrick Valen

Derrick B Perry is a voice actor, audio editor, and musician from the remote mist filled forests of Maine.

When not singing (or screaming) into a microphone Derrick can most likely be found doing audio work for the (hit) TTRPG  podcast "Fast Times at DnD High"  or just excitedly talking to someone about how cool wasps are (they're very cool)

Find him on Twitter @TAudiomancer or on YouTube/SoundCloud at DerrickPerryMusic

Episodes:  Volstead Action, Fruitikenesis

Nathan Woltering

Nathan is a graduate from the theater program at the University of Minnesota. After conquering the corporate world (yeah right) he's decided to get back to acting. However, with no ideas of his own he primarily enjoys bringing life to the things other people are passionate about. Listen for him to turn up in projects all over the place... maybe even yours!

Episodes: Volstead Action, Fruitikenesis, Guild of the Onyx Moon

Leonid Lawrence

Leonid Lawrence is a recent graduate of Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts, earning a Bachelors of Music. Aside from his recent venture into voice acting he is a working musician and actor. Some of his recent stage roles include Judge Turpin (Sweeney Todd), Capulet (Romeo and Juliet), Mr. Mushnik (Little Shop of Horrors), and Bruce Bechdel (Fun Home).

Follow Leo:
Twitter: brutesquadbard
Instagram: thebrutesquadbard

Episodes: Nikki Sketch and the Big Top Bears, Roll Players,[FEATURED], War for December, DEN, Captain Fearless, Adventure Academy

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Paige Alena

Paige Alena is an LA-based actor, writer, comedian, and singer. She's originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but moved to New York to study at Marymount Manhattan College in 2016. After graduating with a BFA in Acting in May 2020, she moved to Los Angeles to start her career. Paige loves to create joy through her art and has a passion for making people laugh. She's a Leo, her favorite Arizona iced tea flavor is lemon, and she owns at least one mug with her own Tweet on it, but please don't hold that against her.

Follow Paige:
Twitter: ItsPaigeAlena
Instagram: ItsPaigeAlena
YouTube: ItsPaigeAlena

Episodes: Nikki Sketch and the Big Top Bears, War for December, [FEATURED], DEN, Captain Fearless, the Lost Control, Adventure Academy

Angelo Cruz

Hi! My name is Angelo Cruz, I'm currently a sophomore undergraduate student majoring in Sequential Art. I just started voice acting this past year but I've gotten plenty of amazing opportunities, including voice roles for Mercury Theatre Podcast, Mirror Studio, Everest Productions, and various fan projects! I love voice acting and I hope to expand my career as I continue to grow as an actor.

Follow Angelo:
Twitter: YHedgehogsFly
Instagram:  yhedgehogsfly

Episodes: War for December, DEN, [Featured], Captain Fearless, Adventure Academy 

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George Walkington

Georgina Walkington is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in Psychology in the UK. After being used to performing on the stage for her community theatre, working with Mercury Theatre Podcasts is one of her first voice acting projects. She hopes to continue voice acting as a hobby and is excited to work on more projects in the future!

Episodes: Nikki Sketch and the Big Top Bears, War for December, DEN, Captain Fearless, EXTRA, the Lost Control

Bryn Curry

Bryn Curry is a Salt Lake City based artist, who enjoys anything creative she can get her hands on. She currently works at Evermore Park, which she loves to death. She also tries to voice act whenever she can. You can follow her on Instagram: @strongfemalenerd.

Episode: Captain Fearless, [FEATURED], the Lost Control, Room 707, Adventure Academy, Guild of the Onyx Moon

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Stargate Pioneer

Stargate Pioneer, or "SP" as he likes to be called, is a Science Fiction and Space aficionado, comic book universe fan, amateur drone pilot-adventurer, and hobby podcast mentor and advocate.  Inspired by early television scifi and NASA missions SP strove from his early teens to work in the space industry and ultimately earned an advanced degree in Astronautical Engineering. Having achieved career success in Aerospace for decades SP became enamored with early podcasting after receiving an original iPod Nano as a gift. SP enjoyed the commercial free niche content that you could not find anywhere else at the time including Satellite Radio. SP finally caught the podcasting bug on New Years Eve of 2010 and hasn’t looked back since having created three podcasts, taken over producing two additional shows, and cohosting another. He applied his professional training to the craft, absolutely enjoyed everything about podcasting, and put himself to task to learn as much as he could about podcasting from the production side to hosting to hardware to content creation. Five years into podcasting SP noted a gap in the podcasting space for the next generation of new hobby podcasters and with his cohort Stephen Jondrew decided to start Better Podcasting to help all hobby podcasters learn more about the pod-space and how it related to them as well as teach them to be better podcasters. Now six years into the Better Podcasting venture SP looks forward to Better Podcasting each week where live viewers and time delayed listeners interact to form a community around the show thirsty for knowledge about how to hone the art of podcasting themselves and to share their podcasting lessons with the Better Podcasting audience along the way. SP currently hosts and produces the weekly Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Better Podcasting as well as cohosts the Show. In his non-podcasting free time SP enjoys drone flying, working out, fixing cars, spending time with family and relishing time at the lake. He looks forward to continuing podcasting and any new opportunity surrounding podcasting.

Follow Stargate Pioneer:

Instagram: stargatepioneer

Twitter: @StargatePioneer



Episodes: [Featured], Frozen Phoenix, Room 707 

Matt Michelson

Matt Michelson is a digital designer and voice actor in Atlanta, GA. When he's not stuck in quarantine, you can find him mixing cocktails, meditating, and hosting classic film screenings.

Episode: DEN

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Kittenbetrippen is a Voice Actor/Singer. Living in a small town out in Texas, it was hard to reach out to others when you live so far away from everything. Until she was introduced to Voice Acting by her brother! Now completely in love with it, and connecting with so many others pursuing the same thing, she hopes to continue on this journey and making these wonderful memories! She likes black and white pictures, 50s rockabilly dresses, and chocolate!

Episodes: Nikki Sketch and the Big Top Bears, War for December, DEN, Captain Fearless, the Lost Control, Room 707 , Adventure Academy

Madyson Banyas

Madyson Banyas has always had a passion for the arts, from writing to singing and of course, to acting. Though her career interest is in teaching, her dreams lie on the stage (or silver screen!) Voice acting is the optimal hobby in her opinion as she gets to act but doesn’t have to worry about being recognized. (Ah, the life of a humble voice actor.) She hopes to continue her acting pursuits and be featured in many more productions to come. 

Episode: the Lost Control

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Matt Dylan

Matt Dylan is a voice actor hailing from New York. Pursuing his passion for story heavy video games, TV comedies, drama films and technology, Matt studied at New York University, graduating with a BFA in Film & Television in 2015. He spent a few years freelancing as a videographer, primarily shooting and editing live musical performances, before pivoting to a career in software engineering. Voice acting is Matt’s recent return to the arts world. Matt is continuously developing his vocal range by contributing his voice to podcasts and fan dubs.

Episode: War for December, DEN

Victor Espinosa

Victor Espinosa is a chronically creative person who uses outlets like writing, photography, and professional day-dreaming to pass the time. He has a fondness for rabbits and is a certified ninja. You can follow his various exploits on Twitter @Vgespinosa or Instagram @AuthentikFlorida.

Episode: Roll Players

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Jeremy Shields

Podcaster, actor, radio personality, news reporter, and all around just a nice guy, Jeremy has been described as many things. He has worn many hats and been called many things.  Some of which were even true (we're still shaken over the revelation that he can be found showering completely naked in his bathroom!) A recent graduate of the University of Central Missouri, Jeremy continues to host the long running popular podcast, "Neverland: To Disney and Beyond" as well as continuing to pursue his career in radio.

Episode: Nikki Sketch and the Big Top Bears

Michael Speranzo

Michael Speranzo is a highly seasoned performer with over 10+ years of experience, native to Pennsylvania and speaking English as his primary language. Noted for his captivating, charming & warm personas. Offers consistent performances with a distinct vocal style. Records from his home studio or on location in Scranton and other connected cities throughout the United States.

Episode: Roll Players          

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Alexander Aguirre

Alexander Aguirre is a rookie voice actor, having a little acting experience from high school and college. Hes going to become a teacher, but he will act any chance he gets.

Episode: War for December

Robin Robbins

Robin Robbins has recently returned to the world of acting after being immersed in the Tech world for the last two decades.   Having found himself being recruited to provide voice talents to various corporate and tech training videos over the last few years, he decided to dip into the vast waters of voice acting.   A life long fan of the independent horror and thriller genres, he’s found a home voicing typically dark characters in various audio dramas, film productions and online animations.   He has appeared with Horror Shop Radio, Morales-Skull Productions and the Narada Radio Company.  Robin lives in the shadow of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and when he’s not typing at a keyboard or screaming into a mic, he’s usually found running the mountain trails, often overdoing it.

Episodes: Captain Fearless, the Lost Control, Adventure Academy

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McKenna Ramsay

McKenna Ramsay (AKA ComicStripVO) is an actor, voicer, and trouble maker. She's come to entertain and perplex using her dynamic style and elastic voice.

Episode: the Lost Control

Isabella Del Rio

Isabella Del Rio is a voice actor currently studying for her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre. After acting on stage for many years, she decided to pursue her dream of voice acting and took her chance at starting her voice acting career. She fell in love with voice acting and is now doing it as a constant hobby, but hopes to make it into a career or side-job in the future!

Episode: the Lost Control, Guild of the Onyx Moon

Morgan Blackwell

Morgan Blackwell is a senior majoring in Theatre Performance. She plays Taylor in The Frozen Pheonix and this is her first time starring in a voice acting role. She also produces and stars in Live or Die: A DnD Podcast, which is an actual play podcast which can be found on any podcasting site. She was so excited to work with this talented group of voice actors and would like to thank John for awarding her this wonderful opportunity.

Episodes: Frozen Phoenix, Volstead Action

Becky Collins

After receiving a theatre performing education in southern Utah, Becky Collins went on to pursue performing in Salt Lake City, Utah. She worked at several theaters acting, at This is the Place Park as a resident caroler, and began working on set as well. Becky currently lives in Atlanta, GA working in VFX on set, and loves every day she gets to flex her love of entertaining! 

Episodes: Most Precious Girl, War for December

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John Mark Maust

Growing up bilingual in Honduras, Ecuador, and New Orleans, LA, John Mark Maust has always had a passion for using language to connect people. He is currently an Instructor of Spanish at Lane College in Jackson, TN , and freelances as a translator and interpreter on the side. The Mercury Theater Podcast is his first venture into the world of voice acting.

Episodes: Nikki Sketch and the Big Top Bears, Roll Players

Jhena Smith

Jhena Smith (her/she) is a voice actress who focuses on interactive media, video game productions, audio dramas and audiobooks. She has spent her life in theatre and musical performance and finds joy bringing other people's art to life using professional acting and narration with pride. When she's not performing you can find her reviewing books on Instagram. Twitter@ jasmithreads Instagram@ jasmithreads

Episodes: Guild of the Onyx Moon

Luka Miller

Luka (they/them) is a college student studying graphic design who has a very distracting passion for being behind a microphone. When not working on homework, they can be found writing, working on sound design that will never see the light of day, or brewing over steeped loose leaf tea.

Episodes: Two Wrongs Make a Wright

Kristen Martin

Kristen (she/her) resides in Sallas, Texas and has been voice acting since 2019. According to her husband, she is Donna Reed with an attitude. Teacher by day and voice actor by night, Kristen spends her extra time watching anime, playing D&D, crocheting scarves, and baking.

Episodes: War on December, Guild of the Onyx Moon


Burger is a voice actor, video editor, and webtoon creator. Before acting was ever a choice Burger lived his life as a stand up comedian hitting stages all over the world. Professionally trained in all aspects of voiceover, He can offer a range of services that can deliver exactly what his clients need for their projects. He has  dabbled in commercial voice over for radio, tv, and internet, character animation and video games just to name a few.

Episodes: Guild of the Onyx Moon

Sam Brown
Visual Media Manager

From the womb, Sam Brown has been excited about everything technological, from the TV, to video games on the computer. Sam is currently pursuing his passion in technology, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

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