Mercury Theatre Podcast is a new variety podcast, with original stand-alone episodes of short-story format. Every week is something different. It is a platform for amateur artists to get acquainted with the Podcast medium, and to get experience and build their portfolios. New Episodes are published on the last Monday of each month*.

If you are like me, and love the bonus content as much as the rest of the show, support us on Patreon, and you'll get an exclusive podcast stream, just for Patrons. This is as little as $3 an episode. Up to $1,000,000. That's where we'll start to refuse financial support. Oh! And if you support us, you can have a character named after you or a loved one in an upcoming episode.

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If you would like to contribute your talents to the show, feel free to email me. Original listener scripts are also welcome: email me.

*Please forgive us if there is any delay, as we are human and don't do this professionally. Yet.

Want to Help?

We are currently looking for:

  • Musicians

  • Social Media/Website Specialist

  • Writer

  • Editor

  • Audio Engineer

    If you would like to assist us in the process, please email me with what skills you have or would like to improve, and we'll be in touch.

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