What is
Mercury Theatre Podcast?

Award-Winning Mercury Theatre Podcast features original stand-alone AUDIO DRAMA episodes of short-story format.
"Created with Adults in Mind, Edited with Kids in Mind"

Every episode is something different. It is a platform for
amateur artists to get acquainted with the Audio Drama medium, to get experience and build their portfolios.

Audio Drama Episodes are published on the LAST MONDAY of each Month, with Exclusive Interviews on the SECOND MONDAY of the Month.

Universe25 Cover Art

What is Universe25?

Universe25 is still under construction, but it is an audio drama series following friends in the year 3051 in the city of Calhoun. Upon the discovery of a long, long lost vault, they find themselves having to make the decision as to introducing their world to the relics that could change their world forever, or to keep it to themselves.

This drama will make you question reality as you know it, and entertain you the entire time. It may even break your heart a little.

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